From the mountains of Sri Lanka to the cups of the World

Continuing the legacy of Ceylon Tea that has captivated and satisfied millions around the world for decades, Alwazah Tea is grown and manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

Single Origin Pure Ceylon Tea

Alwazah Tea offers the same age-old exquisite richness of 100% Ceylon Tea but is especially picked to satisfy the Arab palate. This ability to cater to collective preferences is a primary focus for us and has been a key to the growing popularity of the brand. Alwazah Tea (Swan Brand) is available in many countries, from the USA all across the world to Australia, and we are currently concentrating on further expanding to new markets.

urlKeeping in line with our commitment to cater to varying preferences, we offer our Tea in different varieties, all ready for consumption. The Royal Alwazah Premium range consists of Teabags and the Alwazah Long Leaf Black Tea and Pure Ceylon Green Tea with Natural Jasmine, packed in canisters. Our packing adheres to all regulations including the recent call for the stoppage of teabags with staples, in response to which we have introduced the Royal Alwazah Premium range with Staple-Free Teabags.

Tea is grown in several districts in Sri Lanka, which is the world’s largest exporter of Tea. The Tea plantation areas cover some 200,000 hectares and range in elevation from near sea level to over 2,000 meters above sea level. After harvesting, these Teas are processed at over 700 factories situated at various elevations. These factories produce six distinctive types of Tea depending on their geographical location and climatic conditions. One of these areas produces a special type of Tea that is sold under the Alwazah or Swan Brand. The factories that produce Teas suitable for the Alwazah Brand are generally situated at an elevation of not more than 600 meters above sea level.

The Tea in all Alwazah packs is manufactured within hours of harvesting and packed only a few days after manufacture. Therefore, Alwazah Tea is garden fresh, thus retaining the original quality. Our skilled Tea Tasters examine and analyze samples of approximately 7,000 different lots of Tea which are produced each week to obtain those which are suitable for the Alwazah Brand.

teacup1Our Tea tasting and blending staff have mostly joined us just after completing their education and have been specially trained over the years to distinguish the different characteristics of each individual Tea. Their main task is to find Teas suitable for packaging under the Alwazah Brand and to ensure that every pack of Alwazah Tea maintains the identical taste and quality. Finally, all blends of Alwazah Tea are personally approved by our Master Blender prior to packaging.

Alwazah Brand Tea was launched originally in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with sales mainly concentrated in the West Bank area. Unfortunately the 1967 War saw these areas occupied which resulted in the cessation of business. However, George Payne & Co. (Ceylon) Ltd. (now known as Finlay Tea Solutions Colombo (Pvt) Ltd.), looked for new markets, and Phoenix-like, Alwazah Tea has now established itself across the Arab world and in countries with ethnic Arabic communities. Alwazah Tea is now sold from East to West – from Australia to the United States of America, and is enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world.

08Alwazah Tea’s popularity is mainly based on the fact that it is a blend of Ceylon Teas especially chosen to suit the Arab palate. These Teas are chosen from those grown on the gentle slopes of the South and South-west areas of Sri Lanka where rainfall is plentiful and where the climate lends itself to the production of these quality Teas. These Teas are carefully chosen and subjected to the most stringent quality tests before being packed and exported under the Alwazah Brand.